This is an official site of the U.S. Navy Privacy Policy/General Disclaimer and Cookie Disclaimer Contact SDO/ASDO at (559) 998-3103 Welcome: Congratulations on your orders to VFA-192!  We want to take this opportunity to welcome you to "The World Famous Golden Dragons."  We eagerly anticipate your arrival, and look forward to you joining the Dragon team. If you are entitled to movement of dependents and household goods, the government will fund such movement to Lemoore, California.  You can find out more about the local area by visiting the NAS Lemoore website. Sponsor Information: In order to ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible, please take a few mintues to fill out this questionaire. Once you have completed the form please send us  at, VFA-192 Sponsor. We look forward to your response and arrival! Where to Report: Upon arrival in VFA-192, report (in Service Dress Whites or Blues) to Hangar 3 Mod 3 on the Operations side of Naval Air Station Lemoore, which is a five-mile drive north of the main base, and the second hangar on your left after passing under the taxi way.   You must report on or before your Estimated Date of Arrival (EDA) as indicated in your orders.   If a date appears on your orders that says; "Report No Later Than (NLT)," check in before that date.  You must also pay attention to the "Report No Earlier Than (NET)" statement. Upon reporting, you are required to have in your possession: 1. Service record. 2. Original PCS orders, required sea-duty screening documentation, and transfer eval/fitrep. 3. All associated itineraries if the government provided transportation for you and/or your dependents. 4. All lodging receipts while in transit during any authorized stops, I.E., TAD.  (mandatory turn-in for reimbursement). 5. Medical/Dental records. 6. Most importantly, a full sea-bag.  VFA-192 is a deployable squadron and operational commitments require each service member to be ready when the need arises. Please contact your sponsor in advance to let us know what your travel intentions are.  We are here to assist you! FLYING/DRIVING INTO NAVAL AIR STATION LEMOORE: Flying: Contact and communicate with your sponsor before arriving.  Flights will land at Fresno International Airport.  Our preferred option is to arrange a pick up at the airport via your sponsor.  If you take a taxi please keep your receipt for full reimbursement on your PCS travel claim. Driving: There are several routes into Naval Air Station Lemoore, CA. From I-5 North/South: Take the I-5 North to Hwy 198E approximately 16 miles to the front entrance to NAS Lemoore. From I-99 East: Take 198 West past Visalia, Hanford, and Lemoore.  NAS Lemoore entrance is 5 miles past Hwy 41 from Fresno/Paso Robles on 198 West.